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Francesco Pio Mancini was born on June 1, 1993, in Bari. He leaves Italy soon, at the age of nineteen, to improve his English and start his career in the fashion and luxury industries: 3 years in London, working as a model, and as Sales Executive for the well known luxury brand Tiffany & Co.

In October 2017, he opened his own blog, a digital magazine dedicated to fashion and lifestyle (Traveling), in which he experiences successfully his insights and his visions (www.fmstyle.net). Today, the blog is a digital magazine, a source of inspiration to many people in Italy and in the World, dedicated to men’s passions: from fashion to travel, and also sport, music and movies. The website was part of a project to become an influencer, combined with his official profiles active on social networks Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Today, Francesco is still in the middle of the personal growth, but certainly his ambition is driving him to successful results.

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