Hard Rock Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

During the last few days, I have been lucky enough to try out the Iconic Hard rock Hotel experience on Penang island in Malaysia. It’s got a luxury touch yet it is very chic and contemporary, and lets you experience three things in one go: exceptional five-star service, museum-like tour of music of the current and the past decades and a relaxing feeling, which lets you forget about your day to day shores.

The hotel is located directly on magnificent sands of Batu Ferrinhghi beach, northern part of the island. Although the area is buzzing with local merchants, food stands and tour providers, who all try to grab your attention and show their hospitality, you are unlikely to want to leave the hotel premises, which are like an oasis within a busy touristic town.

First of all, the rooms are SO comfy; something you would never dare to call ‘basic’. There was loads of space and room to lounge in a beautiful minimalist design, a huge bathroom and the bed that you will struggle to leave each morning. Most importantly, our room was located right above the pool facing the ocean (magical views of sunset!). Entertainment seemed to be countless: HD movies available at all times, BOSE wireless portable speaker in your room for quality music listening, and you can even order an electric guitar to be delivered and set up to your room, with all sound system included. Home screen of the television played all-time rock classics non-stop, such as Sex Pistols, Def Leppard and Guns n Roses (a real treat for me!).

Hard Rock Penang was the first hotel of the brand opened in Malaysia. You can spend the whole day wondering around it’s halls and the outdoor areas watching memorabilia: priceless clothing items and stage instruments of all-time favorite icons such as Taylor Swift, Robbie Williams and even The King! There are more than 500 pieces of music instruments, clothing and stage attire, platinum and gold LPs, posters and album art, guitars and other rate artefacts in Penang’s Hard Rock, I was really impressed and I am not so sure if I managed to locate them all during my visit.

If in the end of the day, you wish to comfort yourself with not-so-extremely-super-spicy (more of a Western style) delicacies, head to Hard Rock Café for dinner – you will be in for a treat. I tasted one of the best dinners on Penang island there! They serve very well prepared American style barbecue meats, which is a must-have, but I also saw plethora of fresh salads and fish available, which all looked delicious. Top it up with a smoothie, which they make with fresh mango or pineapple juice, which you can sip on while listening to the live band play (they have a show every evening from 10:30pm).

All in all, a hotel itself is like another little town in Batu Ferringhi with so much to do and explore, while you are treated like a royalty to ensure you have a relaxing time. Its is no wonder why the demand for their rooms is HUGE.

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