Avillion - Port Dickson, Malaysia

It was always my dream to visit one of those resorts that allow you to stay not just close to the ocean (which I simply love watching!), but literally sleep floating above the ocean water. During my first couple of days in the Port Dickson area, I got to learn about Avillion Port Dickson resort. From what I heard, this beachfront hotel was not only the best accommodation to experience in Port Dickson area, but it also offered to stay in a luxury chalet right in the ocean water. I then decided that this was an opportunity not to be missed, before I set back out to Kuala Lumpur.

From the moment of my arrival to the resort, it all looked like a dream come true. Friendly staff welcomed me in a reception area, which looked like a beautiful garden since it was outdoors. Almost immediately, I sensed the luxury and high-standard yet relaxed concept of the resort.

My room was a lavish (extremely spacious!) villa facing the beautiful ocean and, most importantly, all surrounded by water. I could not have wished for more comfort during my stay: I had a huge bed, which I never wanted to leave, a working desk, a living room, an espresso machine and even a private terrace with sun loungers to witness the movements of the sun above the ocean. However, my favourite part of the villa was an open-air bathroom, which even had a Jacuzzi. What can be better than relaxing in a bath to the sound of waves of the ocean, after a long day of exploring?

In the late afternoon, I headed to the resort’s Avi Lounge, where the pre-dinner drinks and nibbles were offered. Little did I know on my arrival that I would be watching some of the most gorgeous sunsets, in an elegant lounge, which was so beautifully set up right I front of the ocean? I watched the sun go down on an open-air couch while sipping on a delicious mix of fresh juice and tasting the variety of treats (both sweet and savoury) the lounge buffet had to offer. Only the pictures can fully describe the experience (see below).

Dining options were endless at the Avillion during my couple of days’ visit. I really enjoyed having delicious breakfasts at the Village Court and a huge variety of lighter lunch options at the Crow’s Nest, where you could rewind during the heatwave hours. I also tasted a very good dinner at The Verte, which offered a more relaxing outdoor atmosphere within the gardens of the resort. All meals were served with a smile and prepared from freshest ingredients, which was really enjoyable.

In addition to all of the above, there was so much to explore, which made me wish that I stayed in Port Dickson longer. There was a pet farm, open for visits each morning, where I had so much fun feeding the rabbits and turtles despite being a grown up. Also, the resort’s gardens were set right on the tropical beachfront, where I could enjoy morning or evening walks on the sandy beach. Moreover, I could always rewind at one of the swimming pools of the resort within tropical gardens.

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