Mara River Safari Lodge - Bali, Indonesia

I just returned from a magnificent day and night’s adventure at the Bali Safari and what an amazing experience it was! I got to witness extremely educating magnificent wild animal shows and presentations, and to try out two exciting rides through the Safari: one during the day and one during the night, both equally fascinating.

In the early afternoon, I was taken on a Jeep ride by a very friendly guide who gave me an introduction about the Safari and its wildlife and the animals. I had an opportunity to not only watch and pet the deer, the elephants, and the zebras but even took images of a hippopotamus and watched the lions and the tigers wake from their sleep. In the evening, I joined a group setting off to a night-time safari, followed by a magnificent fire show in the dark.

I was one of the lucky visitors to remain at the Safari after the day of exploring, at the Mara River Safari Lodge. It was an extremely comfortable hotel, right inside the premises of Bali Safari, and everything was Safari-themed. Most importantly, I could spend the next morning watching zebras, a giraffe and elephants right through the window of my room! There was even a bucket of raw carrots prepared for me in the room to feed these lovely animals.

The breakfast was served at the Tsavo Lion restaurant, and I soon learnt about the reason of such a name to a restaurant. To my pleasant surprise, the restaurant allowed its’s guest to have their first meal of the day with a company of the lions (behind a strong glass panel, of course!).

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