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FrancescoManciniStyle Lightroom Presets Pack

Ciao! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Lightroom Presets Pack! If you’re here, you’re most likely a part of my tribe on instagram and surely familiar with my photos and my ‘look’.

My presets are design for a desktop software Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC and will work on your phone too. To use the desktop preset you will need to pay a monthly subscription to Adobe of 9.90$a month circa or find a free way to install the software(just google it and you'll find how to do it).

How to use my preset?It's easy and quick, all you need to do is:


After receiving the Travel.zip file, you need to unzip the folder with one of the most common free software and install it on your Adobe Lightroom.

To install it, you will need to open Adobe Lightroom, once the software is opened click on Preferences in the top menu, then a new popup window will open in front of your eyes, at this point you click on Presets and on this view then you will need to click on Show Lightroom Presets Folder. Finally a new finder page will open, open the Lightroom folder, then open Develop Presets folder and you will be one step from the end, all you need to do now it's to copy or drag the unzip Folder (Travel) into Develop Presets. After close Adobe Lightroom and re-launch it, the presets should be now on your collection and ready to use under the name Travel. Enjoy! If you find it hard, I will suggest to watch this Tutorial.

The package includes 10 presets. These are presets that I use everyday on my pictures and will make your pictures cooler.
While each collection is an indication on what kind of locations the presets would work for best,  names are just a suggestion of how I use them but feel free to play around! If you end up using my presets, don’t forget to use #FMStylePreset hashtag and Tag Me @FrancescoManciniStyle so I can check out your photos.

If You wish to use the presets on your mobile, please send me an email at sale@digitalcode.agency with your transaction ID and I will be more than happy to help you and to send the files to you with instructions how to install them for FREE without subscribing for Lightroom Mobile and without using your laptop.  

Purchase FM Style Lightroom Presets Pack

To purchase Francesco Mancini Style Lightroom Presets Pack in the safest and fastest way, click on the PayPal button Buy Now below and purchase the package with your PayPal Account, Debit or Credit Card using the trustable payment service by PayPal.

For any issue, please send me an email at ManciniFrancescoPio@gmail.com with your transaction ID and I will be more than happy to help you and to send the file to you.  


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FM Style Lightroom Preset Pack

Below you could see an example of each preset which is included in Travel Lightroom Presets Pack. Please bear in mind that these pictures are taken by a professional camera, the pictures are imported in .RAW to have the best quality and to allow the best editing. Moreover you have probably already saw that the original picture most of the time is dark! Yes, guys if you want to have the opportunity to edit as much as you like the picture, it's always better to have a dark one than an over exposed picture white where you won't be able to get back those colors to live. For any questions do not hesitate to contact me by email at sales@digitalcode.agency